What are the age requirements to enroll?

Birth to age 12.

Can I bring lunch for my child?

We provide Breakfast, lunch and snacks included in the tuition . If you have a medical reason it is fine with a doctor's note.

What should I bring to registration?

All important contact information of parents and emergency contact including names, address, and phone numbers, and current shot records.

How much does it cost to register for?

The registration fee is $60.00 for the first and $30.00 for the second child.

What is the Teacher Student Ratio?

We have a much lower teacher student ratio than most schools. Infants: 2-7 Young toddlers: 1-4 Toddlers 1-8 Twos: 1-9 Threes 1-10 PreK 1-14. We also provide a teacher who does nothing but goes around to change diapers. This allows the regular teacher to continue supervising the classroom and to continue to engage with their children.
Normal Texas State Ratios are as follows: Infants 2-10, Young toddlers 2-13 Toddlers 2-18 Twos 2-22 Threes 2-30 Fours 2-35