The term "you get what you pay for," well they are worth the money! The staff here are on top of things they will keep you abreast by providing constant updates of what your child is doing on their app. They take pictures of your child playing, learning, eating and etc. You would think because it's a daycare it would be loud and chaotic but when you walk in it's not. The teachers show they want to be there and love on your don't get that often at daycares in this area. I moved my daughter from another daycare and it was the best decision ever.


Excellent childcare! The staff is very involved with my child. They are kind and caring! Excellent preschool teacher! Great job y'all! They are all very sweet! I definitely recommend this facility for your children! It's one of the best!

Nichole Moss

Ms. Tina has welcomed both of my babies with open arms. My special needs child needs a lot more help than most kids and I have never heard anything negative about him. He has also been kicked out of FOUR daycare facilities due to his disability prior to starting here. Yet anytime he starts to struggle their staff make him feel nothing less but loved and part of the classroom instead of publicly embarrassing him like the other daycares have. he even asks me almost every day if he can go back to daycare and hang out with his friends and teachers. Ms. Tina and her team are very professional and truly have the love and passion to take care of all these children day in and day out. The teachers never stop telling me how much they love being able to love on my children. I get updates and pictures of my children from the moment they walk in the building until I pick them up. That even includes when one of them gets hurt by another child in an accident or just because they are having so much fun! Then when I pick them up they always ask if I was able to look at what happened and make sure that they tell me exactly what happened and how my child handled it. I have the opportunity to feel more involved while my children are in their care even though I am not there. This daycare is also very involved in teaching their kiddos a daily curriculum. I get updates about their daily lessons and pictures of my children enjoying them. I have watched my baby grow and learn so much since starting at this daycare. I am so thankful that my children get the blessings that this daycare offers them. They are truly a God send!!

Anna Prestridge

I took my son to Tina when she was the Director/Owner of Fair Oaks Day school from 2013 to 2018. My son started there at 3 months of age and was there until he started kindergarten. I did not want to put my son in daycare, but had to. Tina and the staff made it an easy transition for both me and my son. Very caring, kind, professional, and courteous staff. I felt the love with all the staff for my child. He's now 9 years old and still talks about going to that school. Tina inquires about teaching in her school like no other. My favorite about her schools is there are NO TV's, she believes in teaching! Your child will definitely be ready for kindergarten when they leave her school. World Class Lady if you ask me!

Candace Barrett

I met Mrs. Green in 2013 when my oldest son was 1 at Fair Oaks Day School in Dallas. Over the course of seven years that my four boys attended her prior school, I always felt Mrs. Green cared about the safety and welfare of my children. She was hands-on and was in-house daily to help in the office and classrooms. Mrs. Green managed the school to feel like a home away from home for my kids. I know Mrs. Green will show this school, staff, and children the same love and attention she did before. This Will become one of the top daycare centers in Red Oak.

Opal Roberts

I worked for Mrs.Tina when she owned Fair Oaks Day School from August 2008. Mrs.Tina took me under her wing and made me the Director I am today. Every day we focused on the safety of the children and making sure all staff was in compliance with minimum standards. Not only was she the best boss,she has a kind heart and a great friend outside of work. I know that leaving your children here they will be in great hands. This will be your favorite school in Red Oak!!

Great daycare, it is staffed by trained teachers that care about the children in their care while providing a learning experience.

Gary Perkins

My child goes to this school and it's been so easy and everyone is great. Every teacher cares so much for the children that are in rolled in the school. My child comes home with a smile and can't wait to go back the next day . My child also did not care for the potty very much but since my child has been there my child loves to go potty it makes them feel like a big kids. So a big thanks to all the staff for helping us with this process.

Teresa Bain

My child goes to the school and it has been an easy transition. My child comes home every day happy and talking about how great the teachers are. My child also has started potty training and the teachers has made this process easy. My thanks goes out to all the teachers that work at the Little Schoolhouse

Bain Teresa

I was searching for a daycare that cater to the needs of my little ones as well as myself. The location is convenient, the staff is very friendly, and the teachers are very involved. I receive updates on feeding, diaper changes, naps, pics of play time. Mrs. Tina is the best. She truly cares for each child as they enter her facility. I highly recommend this daycare.

Qui Williams

When it comes to finding good quality childcare in the immediate area this is among the best! Tina is amazing, her team is awesome! They use an app that keeps you up to date with the activities your child are engaged in, when they nap, when they wake up, photos during the day, what meals/snacks they are having and more. I couldn't have found a better learning center in the area.

Koda Basey

My 4 year old is in the Pre-K class this year and he loves it there! He even asks to go on the weekend. The environment is very cozy and homey. Everything is always clean and toys are always tidy and organized. He is usually really quiet and keeps to himself but he has made a lot of friends with the other kids and with the teachers as well. The staff is friendly and sends frequent updates on the app throughout the day including photos with the activities he's doing and meals he's eating. I would highly recommend this daycare/school to parents with younger children.

Jennie Ordaz

Although this daycare is fairly new, I must say I've been extremely pleased. My son has several challenges that he's working through and the staff at Little Schoolhouse has been very intentional in their encounters with him!

My granddaughter has learned so much since joining this daycare. What a joy for her to come home to happy and tell me about her teacher and friends. We love it!

Kellie Eckl

Little Schoolhouse is a newly opened childcare center. The teachers all love children. It is Montessori inspired with the Frogstreet curriculum for ages 6 weeks to 4 and 5 year olds in PreK 4 for full days. They have kindergarten and up for after-school care during the school year and full days in the summer. I highly recommend this facility.

Grace Trull

Little School House is by far the best daycare I have ever encountered in Red Oak! As an individual who worked several years in daycare and as a mother, I would not place my child anywhere else other than Little School House. Mrs. Tina Green is an amazing Director. Both Mrs. Tina and the Teachers are very responsive, understanding, and caring. I was hesitant with placing my child in daycare because of my past experience in working in daycares in Red Oak, however, Mrs. Tina and the teachers have gone above and beyond in taking care of my child. If I have questions, concerns, or want to simply see how my child is doing during the day, I can call or message the staff and within
minutes have a response. Additionally, this daycare uses Brightwheel which allows you to see what your child eats, when they sleep, use the restroom, activities of the day, and photos of your child. If you are hesitant about choosing a daycare near or in Red Oak, Little School House is by far the best.

Zoe B

After going through three daycares, Little School House is our daycare. They might not be your corporate child care center and have the institutionalized facility, but that is why they are better. Little School House has more teachers to kids so that they can properly take care of the kids. You won't find this in a corporate childcare facility who is trying to hit their numbers and put their teachers with as many kids as the state legally allows. Little School House
puts their money/focus on the right reason, THE KIDS!

Cameron L

I just enrolled my 3 year old, and was nervous at first because his previous daycare centers didn't work out for him, but after the first week of him attending Little School House, has made me realize this was the best decision ever! He absolutely LOVES this daycare and I have no concerns with him at all! His behavior is even different attending here! I can't get over how happy I am that I enrolled him
This is seriously the best place

Crystan M

This a very good day care I like the fact that they show what my son eats and how much and they take good care of him my son be looking like he having a lot of fun at school

Keedric W